1. Numbers of Free Beds (Donors) 18 which are full free with listed Medicines.
  2. Staff is being given free treatment with listed medicines, and dependents get free bed and 60% concession in I.P.D. & 50% in O.P.D.
  3. In O.P.D. we charge Rs. 20/- only for dispensary where we give Medical checkup & 3 days medicines.
  4. For the patients admitted in I.C.C.U./I.C.U., who subsequently opt for B, C and D class are given 20% Concession for the stay in I.C.C.U./I.C.U.
  5. Patients of D class, when they are admitted in ICCU / ICU they are given 20% discount on Room Charges and all Procedure done in ICCU / ICU. They will be charged on all investigation as per D/ C/ B ordinary class patient. Consultants visit Charges will be twice the opted class even though the patient is in ICCU / ICU.
  6. Special Discounts are also given to needy persons on approach with an open mind for charity to the poorer sections of society and the needy.
  7. Indigent and weaker sections of the society who come under the ambit of charity commissioners directive are given full free and 50% discount on their IPD bills (High Court Rules).