Having a baby is one of the most joyous occasions for any family. The happiness that a child brings in to the world cannot be measured by any scale. Pregnant mothers and new born babies require that extra care to make the birth of a child a memorable experience. Our medical experts have provided certain tips to make this journey a pleasant trip for the mother and the child:
  • Pregnant women should refrain from alcohol and smoking
  • Pre-Natal exercises and walking should be encouraged
  • During the last phase of pregnancy, deep breathing exercises should be done regularly to help during labour.
  • Keep your hospital bag ready after the eight month begins.
  • You should regularly visit your doctor till you deliver(weekly in the last month).
  • If you feel pain, or lose excessive fluid which can be caused due to your water bag bursting, kindly inform the hospital, your doctor and rush to our maternity ward.

Register with the hospital for your delivery and get your Antenatal card made. You will need to carry this card when you come for your delivery, as it carries all the information required.

The Maternity complex is on the second floor with an attached Labor room, Gynecology O.T., interlinked with each other.